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WeLuvHouse is always open to listening to your mixes and remixes.

If we like it, we will contact you to purchase or license your mix or remixes.

In majority of our licenses we try to do a non-exclusive licensing so that you (The Artist) can continue to shop your tracks around to other labels.

For remixes, majority of the remix are a one time purchase for the service of the remix.  However, you will be added to our Artist Profile on our website and credited everywhere that it is being used and we can provide a listing of where and who has been playing your remix (when available).  With this in mind we would hope this will help remix producers make contact with other recording artists who maybe interested in your remix services.  Above all, you increase your chance of us asking you for another remix.


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Simple legal terms that you are agreeing to when uploading your mix or remixes:

  • You agree to allow your tracks to be played publicly by other DJs associated with WeLuvHouse on both podcasts and live performances (as a DJ) [this helps feedback on your mixes/remixes to determine our acceptance of your work into WeLuvHouse.
  • All information given are kept private to WeLuvHouse and its associated members/labels and will not be shared to others outside of that group, this also means we will not share your info to a marketing company or alike.  We respect your private information and only used internally to make contact with you when we are ready to proceed with a deal.
  • You agree that your tracks you submit are genuinely your production and that you have full access to your work (if required) to your composition projects (such as your Stems).



Christopher MagicMagic Remix Sessions Volume 1